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Dr. Tom Kuster is the host of the GOWM Online Conferences, and the executive director of the Christ in Media Institute at Bethany Lutheran College, Mankato, Minnesota, USA

This is a place where you can leave your general public comments about the entire conference, and your suggestions of topics and presenters for our next GOWM conference scheduled for the fall of 2021. If you wish to convey a private comment, email it directly to Dr. Tom Kuster.

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Philip 2020-10-28 1:06:20pm
I saw someone on Facebook mention that the conference site isn't "mobile friendly." I thought I would pass this comment along. I mostly check/read/comment on my desktop computer, but I know the once or twice I've checked on my phone I've had to zoom in and out to navigate.

Overall though, I really do like the clean site design.
Tom Kuster (GOWM) 2020-10-29 1:02:43am
You're right, Philip, it's not completely responsive. I can read the conference on both my Android tablet and iPhone but with some annoying difficulty on the latter. We'll look into correcting this for future conferences.