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Bruce Becker (Jackson, Wisconsin, USA)

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About the presenter

A 1982 seminary graduate, Bruce Becker was a pastor in Springville, New York, and Brillion, Wisconsin. From 1995-2009, he served as administrator for WELS Parish Services. In 2009, he joined Time of Grace Ministry and serves as Executive Vice President. A respected and well-known ministry coach, presenter, advisor, and author, he has served on the Board of Regents for Wisconsin Lutheran College, the Center for Church and Change, WELS Synodical Council, and the Board of Directors for The Lutheran Home Association. In 2012, he completed his Doctorate in Leadership and Ministry Management from Trinity International University. He and his wife of 40 years, Linda, live in Jackson, Wisconsin.

2020 Update

Dr. Bruce Becker, Executive Vice President

About Time of Grace

Time of Grace is an independent, donor-funded ministry that connects people to God’s grace – his love, glory, and power — so they realized the temporary things of life don’t satisfy. What brings satisfaction is knowing that because Jesus lived, died, and rose for all of us, we have access to the eternal God — right now and forever.

Connect people to God’s grace

Transform lives now and forever

Brand Story
People are seeking a better life but looking for it in all the wrong places. Time of Grace guides people to know that Jesus’ forgiveness gives them full access to the eternal GOD where they can discover a satisfaction that nothing in this temporary world can offer. We guide them to the realization that Jesus lived, died, and rose so they can experience what life truly is, a life of always seeing the joy-inducing face of God.


  • Biblical: committed to teaching the Bible as the inspired, inerrant Word of God
  • Evangelistic: boldly driven by the Great Commission to share God’s grace with all people
  • Trustworthy: authentic, someone to spend time with
  • Innovative: an early adopter of technology and media methods
  • Empirical: utilizing data, best practices, and metrics
  • Collaborative: engaging all stakeholders as ministry partners, equipping people and organizations with practical tools and resources
  • Independent: organized as an autonomous, lay-led movement

View a PDF file of a Time of Grace brochure here.

Gospel Content

Long-Form Video (Television)

Time of Grace® broadcasts a 30-minute weekly program on:

      • Two national networks—Daystar (nationally and internationally) and The Cowboy Channel
      • 100+ local stations in 41 states
      • American Forces Network (AFN)
      • Online at timeofgrace.org
      • Online on YouTube—https://www.youtube.com/timeofgrace

Reach 1,700,000–2,000,000 viewers monthly

View a PDF file of the broadcast schedule here.

Short-Form Video – Grace Talks / Evening Encouragement

Time of Grace delivers daily video devotions digitally on:

      • Online at timeofgrace.org
      • Email subscription
      • Facebook
      • YouTube channel
      • IGTV (Instagram Television)
      • YouVersion® Bible App

Reach 1,300,000-1,400,000 viewers monthly

Written Content – Grace Moments

Time of Grace delivers Grace Moments devotions via:

      • Print (quarterly devotions / 365-day books and 30-day topical devotions)
      • Email subscription
      • Time of Grace website (timeofgrace.org)
      • YouVersion® Bible App
      • iDisciple app
      • WeDevote app (Chinese app).
      • Crosswalk.com

Reach 800,000–900,000 monthly

Written Content – Books

      • Topical books
      • Devotionals

Reach 3,000–4,000 monthly

Written Content – Blogs

Time of Grace publishes one blog post each week via:

      • Time of Grace website (timeofgrace.org)

Reach 25,000–30,000 monthly

Podcasts (NEW in 2020)

Time of Grace publishes episodes on three podcasts (Little Things, Bible Threads, Time of Grace with Pastor Mike Novotny) via:

      • Time of Grace website (timeofgrace.org/podcast-feeds)
      • Apple Podcasts
      • Spotify

Reach 20,000+ downloads monthly

Social Media

Time of Grace Followers / Subscribers (as of 09/30/2020):

      • Facebook page likes – 248,453
      • YouTube subscribers – 55,574
      • Twitter followers – 4,007
      • ToG Instagram followers – 16,094
      • Pastor Mike Instagram followers – 11,964
      • Pinterest followers – 2,559
      • Email subscribers – 49,784

Ministry in the Digital Space — It’s Where the People Are!

Not all that long ago people would gather together in a place. And they still do. But today people also gather together in a space—the digital space. Because people are there, we Christians need to be there too. It’s a space for teaching, learning, sharing, encouraging, and celebrating.

It’s what we do at Time of Grace Ministry. We connect people to God’s grace in the digital space. People engage with Time of Grace content more than 4,000,000 times each month.

We share the gospel with current and former Christians, as well as atheists, agnostics, and nones—all through digital broadcasting, podcasting, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, mobile apps (including the YouVersion® Bible App) and other distribution platforms.


In May 2019, Time of Grace transitioned its lead speaker from Pastor Mark Jeske to Pastor Mike Novotny. In addition, Time of Grace has added in recent years new writers, speakers, and podcasters.

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Philip Wels 2020-10-20 2:16:19pm
Praise the Lord! These are awesome numbers! I know FB and other platforms have a plethora of stats these days and many times they can be very confusing. How often do you check on your viewership stats? Are there specific metrics you recommend tracking or ignoring?
Bruce Becker (Time of Grace) 2020-10-21 6:47:14pm
Thanks, Philip, for your question!
We track engagements on a monthly basis and are more interested in trends as opposed to the monthly snapshot. This helps us make strategic moves to make changes on our various platforms.
For video content, I would suggest tracking watch time and subscribers on YouTube. For FB, I would track comments and shares. Likes, followers, and friends counts don't mean very much. On Instagram, I would track comments and shares, and views. The follower number is really only important for getting over 10,000 for the swipe up feature.
I hope this is helpful.